The Bunn Building Is In The Works-

We had a DWDA meeting one night this week, and we received some news!  It may have been announced other places, but we are excited to hear that funding has been procured to renovate the Bunn building located on Elizabeth Street in downtown Waycross.  We are all very excited about the prospects.  Many of you that have lived here all your lives know of its history in the city.  It was the place to have an office, go shopping, have a meal, or whatever!  I believe my grandfather had an office there at one time-or maybe it was on the back of the Phoenix-but we are pleased to have new progress going on.  Other jobs are in the works we are told and will be released timely.  We are all working on making downtown a more viable place for shopping, dining, & entertainment. Stop down & see the progress.  I know the Christmas parade is coming up on Saturday, December the 8th-the time will be announced...a photo from the past of the Bunn Building!  Look For Progress!  

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