Under Contract !

Good afternoon.  It was kind of a crazy day.  I am sorry I am late getting to you today.  I was helping my sister get her home together for Thanksgiving.  They are just moving in-getting pictures hung, and still moving things around. It  is a lot with family coming to town,  cooking,  & the rest.  But I think we got a good bit done and it will all be ready for the big day.    We made a lot of progress and I think she is pleased.  It will be another GREAT Thanksgiving with friends & family.

I was also working on an offer that has been in the process today   We had received the offer yesterday and were able to put it together today.  Great progress.  The next step is getting everything signed so it can be a "fully executed contract". Then the lender, buyer, and seller, & attorney will all recieve copies and we are "off to the races" so to speak.  Everything now is a count-down to closing.  Inspections, appraisals, title search and all other matters will happen in the next few weeks, so the lender and their team will have time to underwrite everything and give it the all important "clear to close" that we all look forward to hearing.  I know it is a stessful time for many,  but it can also be joyous, exciting, & great time for buyers & sellers.  I hope the best results also to you and yours- Happy Thanksgiving !



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