Happy Thanksgiving !

Hey, it is thanksgiving week!  We always celebrate holidays more than just a day you know.  Thanksgiving is a great time of year for friends & familiy.  And you know, I am a firm believer that family is more than just by blood, it is the folks you know, the friends you have, & the people you work with every day.  We all have so much in common with everyone.  I hope you will have a good week and a special "thanksgiving" day.  

A family I have worked with recently was in the process of making an offer the other day.  I know it is a daunting process and one not to be taken lightly.  AND there are no stupid or crazy questions-if it is not something you do every day then it does require additional  thought for sure.  The process is pretty much the same whether you are purchasing a piece of land, or home, or business.  There is a process and many people are involved.  There is the seller, the buyer, appraisers, inspectors, a lender, attorney's close our sales primarily here in Georgia-it takes a village so to speak.  So just remember, no questions are crazy, and more than likely-it is a question that has been posed before.  So don't worry about it-just ask away.  Thank you again & Happy Thanksgiving !  

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