The Weekend

Realtors work most all the time.  We are not trying to say we work "all the time" but if you need us, we will try to fit you in.  I will.  I have my phone with me most of the time and if I miss a call, please leave a message.  I know when our children were younger, it was different, you had to put the phone away and have some family time.  But these days, just let me know.  I always say, call, text, or email-anytime and I will get back with you.  Weekends are no different.  I do lead the singing at my church- First United Methodist Church in . We are at 410 Williams Street in downtown Waycross.  We have an early service, sunday school, & then a 10:30 we will have you out early for the mexican trailer or Wongs for lunch.  After I finish with church I am usually in town at the office or if the yard calls, I might be doing some home work.  I am showing homes today to a new family moving to town.  And like I have said before, you have to look.  Relocation is a big responsibility to us for your family.  A lot of things have to come together to make a move right for you & yours.  I look forward to the  process.  Thank you again.  George Fesperman


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