You HAVE To Look.....

The other day we talked about being prepared to purchase a home.  Starting the process with your check sheet- looking at your credit report, we talked about having some money in the bank, and talking with a lender to be sure.  Well, I am a firm believer in the fact that you are going to have to look at some homes as well.  I know you probably think it is crazy that I bring this up, but so many folks appoligize to us about having us take them to so many properties before they can make a decision.  But it is going to take that in most cases.  I believe most of us do a pretty good job putting photos on the internet and giving pretty good descriptions about the properties. But none of that can do what "eyes on the prize" can do.  You get to experience it first hand, where everything is located, this room is not as large as it seemed in the photo, or wow-this is amazing !!  I do think you need to have what you are looking for narrowed down, but taking it in first hand is best.  

We started Lisa's birthday celebration today. (her birthday is Monday)  I surprised her last night by telling her that  today I was going to take her to Jacksonville to the Prime Osburn Center to see The King And I.  The concert series is in town and friends invited us to go down.  It was great!  Lisa is from Brevard, NC and they have a music center BMC there that has produced musicals, symphonies, special artists, & operas during the summer series.  Lisa and her Mother kind of grew up on them-seeing them every summer. Of course there, you were in a covered pavillion that was open to the outside on the sides, you could watch the fireflies in the trees as music would float through the is a very special time if you ever get the chance to take it in.  Today's performance was great.  The music & lyrics of Rodgers & Hammerstein II is hard to beat.  



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