This weekend

Happy Friday!  I hope you have enjoyed your day.  The north is encased in snow.  It was cool here last night-COLD for us southerners.  I found an event you might enjoy this weekend-it looks like a theatre production from our local college. I am not sure what it is about, but you can decide for yourself.  It is called DOUBT-a parable. Show dates include tonight, tomorrow, & a matinee on Sunday.  I have included the poster for you to view.  It mentions you might want to call also for a reservation if you like. The number is 912-260-4352.  Good luck & enjoy the show.

As much as we have enjoyed this glorious day today (bright-sunny-cool), I need to go out next and get some pictures for a new listing-they look best on a great day I think, but I can not stop thinking about all those effected from the hurricane on the gulf, in southwest Georgia, & all the people in the fires rage in California.  We have friends that have traveled through the panhandle effected areas and they say it is just devastating. I know we have seen the photos, the news reports, & heard tragic stories.  And now to have the fires out west, it almost becomes too much.  I know many in California had beach homes & maybe second homes that were burned but so many of those in Paradise were just simple folks-hard workers with families & jobs-and now they have nothing.  I know many of you have given money & sent items to the area. If you have not, please consider making a gift.  I know you can reach out to the Red Cross or maybe your church has an outlet for giving.  Thank you for all you do.  We know how blessed we are and thankful for all those friends & family around us.  If you can make the play-enjoy it. Have a great day.  George F

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