People Are Always Amazed Folks Are Moving To Town

Good morning-people are always amazed folks are moving to town.  I'm like yeah-they are!!  Living here may seem "sleepy" at times, but we are a progressive, vibrant community.  With a LOT going on.  It seems like there are always places to go, and things to do.  As it with a lot of communites, it is like-everything is going on-or nothing;  4 events are planned for one weekend . But I will try to get some things entered here for you so you will have an idea of what & when things are going on. We just had the Satilla Hospice Gala last weekend.  It was a very nice affair-a wonderful service that provides assistance to our entire area.

As far as people moving to town, they are.  We have folks retiring here, and moving down from the snowy north or the interior of the country.  Plus we handle a lot of relocation too for the RailRoad, Hospital, School systems, and churches.  Hey, we have gotten so big now with Hobby Lobby, Olive Garden, Simmons Mattress, Lowes, the list goes on and on.  You know this community draws from a 5 county radius.  We only have about 17,500 in the city, but to hear the pundits talk about it, they say during the week, we might as well be a thriving community of 87,000 people with all the activity & commerce that goes on in and around us.  Heck, we have two wal-marts now (maybe that we like to eat).

It is a great area.  My father was from here. My grandfather was from here. So being third generation in a community does not hurt either.  All of our Realtors are from the area.  They have grown up here too and made the Waycross, Blackshear, Homerville area their home. Let us know how we can help you with your real estate needs.  We work with buyers & sellers on a list of properties including land, residential, & commercial ventures.  We do not handle any rentals, but we can put you in touch with the folks that do.  Thank you again for reaching out and welcome to our community.  We are glad to have you.  




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