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I was coming back from Pierce County last night and I had to pull over and get a photo of the setting sun.  It is not the best photo-and it is hard to miss all of the telephone poles & lines-but I wanted to share.  I do a good bit of real estate work in PIerce as well.  I live in Pierce county-just over the river....over the river & through the woods....We are all so close, that it makes sense to work the entire area.  So if you need anything, please let me know.  I am a member of the Pierce Co. chamber of commerce as well.  My mother's parents-Grandmother & Granddaddy were from Pierce County-Mr. and Mrs. Boone Owen.  They lived on College Avenue  & we were over there most Sunday afternoons for an afternoon of visiting & conversation & of course a coke float!  A favorite!  They were members at First United Methodist Church-that is where Mother & Daddy were married.  We have a lot of memories in the area.  Enjoy the photo & take time to see it over your shoulder as you come home-if you are traveling on 84 towards Blackshear.  Enjoy the day & GO DAWGS !!  

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The Bunn Building Is In The Works- 0 Comments Posted

We had a DWDA meeting one night this week, and we received some news!  It may have been announced other places, but we are excited to hear that funding has been procured to renovate the Bunn building located on Elizabeth Street in downtown Waycross.  We are all very excited about the prospects.  Many of you that have lived here all your lives know of its history in the city.  It was the place to have an office, go shopping, have a meal, or whatever!  I believe my grandfather had an office there at one time-or maybe it was on the back of the Phoenix-but we are pleased to have new progress going on.  Other jobs are in the works we are told and will be released timely.  We are all working on making downtown a more viable place for shopping, dining, & entertainment. Stop down & see the progress.  I know the Christmas parade is coming up on Saturday, December the 8th-the time will be announced...a photo from the past of the Bunn Building!  Look For Progress!  

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I came into work yesterday and had a closing.  Good for the seller, good for me, and good for the buyer!  I arrived at the attorney's office a little early and had an opportunity to talk with the buyer.  They had sort of been looking and had finally decided to "make the move". This was the last home they had decided to see on the day they came up. You NEVER know when it will happen, but as I tell all of my sellers, it only takes one- She knew when she walked in that this home would provide for them what they had been looking for.  And the seller was very fortunate in that the home had been on the market for less than 24 hours-Now, don't hold me to that, but it does help that the home was priced right, was neat & clean, & ready to be sold.  It does make a difference.  We were fortunate in this home too to have the help of an Estate Sales lady that will handle sales for you.  She will sell as little or as much-time permitting-as you want, take a fee for herself, and leave the home ready for the new buyer.  If you don't have her information, let me know and I will be glad to give it to you.  She is great.  Home buying and selling has many ins and outs and I like to help in as many ways as I can. Let me know how I can help you.  Thank you again. Have a great day.  George Fesperman, Realtor. 


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Happy Thanksgiving-Add your photos! 0 Comments Posted

Hey, we had a great time.  Good friends-great food.  Add your Thanksgiving photos too.  I hope it was a great day!  George Fesperman


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This cornucopia was on the altar in church on Sunday.  I thought it said it all-we are thankful for all we have and all the ways we have been provided for.  Whether it was from our parents, or our children, our spouse, or our friends-we are fortunate.  Another way to feel really thankful in this season of giving, is to do something for someone else-"pay it forward" so to speak.  It can be big, or it can be small, but just thinking about another person and how they are doing-about "their" circumstance.  That will truly make us thankful.  I hope you have a great day tomorrow.  I know the grocery stores have been full of shoppers & children with the schools being off all week.  I know people were leaving work tonight, driving to destinations out of state to be with family.  Our brother & his family will be coming up tomorrow to be with us for all the festivities & good food.  I hope you have a great holiday.  Remember the parade starts at 9am.  They say it is really going to be cold. I am glad we will be able to watch it from a far.  Thank you again.   George Fesperman

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Under Contract ! 0 Comments Posted

Good afternoon.  It was kind of a crazy day.  I am sorry I am late getting to you today.  I was helping my sister get her home together for Thanksgiving.  They are just moving in-getting pictures hung, and still moving things around. It  is a lot with family coming to town,  cooking,  & the rest.  But I think we got a good bit done and it will all be ready for the big day.    We made a lot of progress and I think she is pleased.  It will be another GREAT Thanksgiving with friends & family.

I was also working on an offer that has been in the process today   We had received the offer yesterday and were able to put it together today.  Great progress.  The next step is getting everything signed so it can be a "fully executed contract". Then the lender, buyer, and seller, & attorney will all recieve copies and we are "off to the races" so to speak.  Everything now is a count-down to closing.  Inspections, appraisals, title search and all other matters will happen in the next few weeks, so the lender and their team will have time to underwrite everything and give it the all important "clear to close" that we all look forward to hearing.  I know it is a stessful time for many,  but it can also be joyous, exciting, & great time for buyers & sellers.  I hope the best results also to you and yours- Happy Thanksgiving !



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Happy Thanksgiving ! 0 Comments Posted

Hey, it is thanksgiving week!  We always celebrate holidays more than just a day you know.  Thanksgiving is a great time of year for friends & familiy.  And you know, I am a firm believer that family is more than just by blood, it is the folks you know, the friends you have, & the people you work with every day.  We all have so much in common with everyone.  I hope you will have a good week and a special "thanksgiving" day.  

A family I have worked with recently was in the process of making an offer the other day.  I know it is a daunting process and one not to be taken lightly.  AND there are no stupid or crazy questions-if it is not something you do every day then it does require additional  thought for sure.  The process is pretty much the same whether you are purchasing a piece of land, or home, or business.  There is a process and many people are involved.  There is the seller, the buyer, appraisers, inspectors, a lender, attorney's close our sales primarily here in Georgia-it takes a village so to speak.  So just remember, no questions are crazy, and more than likely-it is a question that has been posed before.  So don't worry about it-just ask away.  Thank you again & Happy Thanksgiving !  

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The Weekend 0 Comments Posted

Realtors work most all the time.  We are not trying to say we work "all the time" but if you need us, we will try to fit you in.  I will.  I have my phone with me most of the time and if I miss a call, please leave a message.  I know when our children were younger, it was different, you had to put the phone away and have some family time.  But these days, just let me know.  I always say, call, text, or email-anytime and I will get back with you.  Weekends are no different.  I do lead the singing at my church- First United Methodist Church in Waycross.....waycrossfirstumc.com . We are at 410 Williams Street in downtown Waycross.  We have an early service, sunday school, & then a 10:30 service....so we will have you out early for the mexican trailer or Wongs for lunch.  After I finish with church I am usually in town at the office or if the yard calls, I might be doing some home work.  I am showing homes today to a new family moving to town.  And like I have said before, you have to look.  Relocation is a big responsibility to us for your family.  A lot of things have to come together to make a move right for you & yours.  I look forward to the  process.  Thank you again.  George Fesperman


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You HAVE To Look..... 0 Comments Posted

The other day we talked about being prepared to purchase a home.  Starting the process with your check sheet- looking at your credit report, we talked about having some money in the bank, and talking with a lender to be sure.  Well, I am a firm believer in the fact that you are going to have to look at some homes as well.  I know you probably think it is crazy that I bring this up, but so many folks appoligize to us about having us take them to so many properties before they can make a decision.  But it is going to take that in most cases.  I believe most of us do a pretty good job putting photos on the internet and giving pretty good descriptions about the properties. But none of that can do what "eyes on the prize" can do.  You get to experience it first hand, where everything is located, this room is not as large as it seemed in the photo, or wow-this is amazing !!  I do think you need to have what you are looking for narrowed down, but taking it in first hand is best.  

We started Lisa's birthday celebration today. (her birthday is Monday)  I surprised her last night by telling her that  today I was going to take her to Jacksonville to the Prime Osburn Center to see The King And I.  The concert series is in town and friends invited us to go down.  It was great!  Lisa is from Brevard, NC and they have a music center BMC there that has produced musicals, symphonies, special artists, & operas during the summer series.  Lisa and her Mother kind of grew up on them-seeing them every summer. Of course there, you were in a covered pavillion that was open to the outside on the sides, you could watch the fireflies in the trees as music would float through the rafters....it is a very special time if you ever get the chance to take it in.  Today's performance was great.  The music & lyrics of Rodgers & Hammerstein II is hard to beat.  



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This weekend 0 Comments Posted

Happy Friday!  I hope you have enjoyed your day.  The north is encased in snow.  It was cool here last night-COLD for us southerners.  I found an event you might enjoy this weekend-it looks like a theatre production from our local college. I am not sure what it is about, but you can decide for yourself.  It is called DOUBT-a parable. Show dates include tonight, tomorrow, & a matinee on Sunday.  I have included the poster for you to view.  It mentions you might want to call also for a reservation if you like. The number is 912-260-4352.  Good luck & enjoy the show.

As much as we have enjoyed this glorious day today (bright-sunny-cool), I need to go out next and get some pictures for a new listing-they look best on a great day I think, but I can not stop thinking about all those effected from the hurricane on the gulf, in southwest Georgia, & all the people in the fires rage in California.  We have friends that have traveled through the panhandle effected areas and they say it is just devastating. I know we have seen the photos, the news reports, & heard tragic stories.  And now to have the fires out west, it almost becomes too much.  I know many in California had beach homes & maybe second homes that were burned but so many of those in Paradise were just simple folks-hard workers with families & jobs-and now they have nothing.  I know many of you have given money & sent items to the area. If you have not, please consider making a gift.  I know you can reach out to the Red Cross or maybe your church has an outlet for giving.  Thank you for all you do.  We know how blessed we are and thankful for all those friends & family around us.  If you can make the play-enjoy it. Have a great day.  George F

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Waycross Christmas Parade & Getting Prepared 0 Comments Posted

Can you believe folks are putting up decorations (for CHRISTMAS)...I know.  Hey, at least now we have weather to start the mood.  You can find christmas music on Pandora you know any time of year...."It's the most wonderful time, of the year" to sing a bar...I am reminded of the holidays when you walk into our front lobby at the Depot.  That is where our office is-upstairs (and we do have an elevator-it is a little slow). But the elves have been busy getting the lobby ready for the season.  And ready it they have.  The meaning for my note today...it is time to register your entry for the Christmas Parade!  The Waycross parade will be held on 12/8 at 6:30 pm downtown.  Entrys HAVE to be in by 12/3.  Their office # is 912-283-7787 and the email is waycross@dwdaga.org.  I was going to copy & paste the entry form but I think in person would be better-or maybe they can email it to you.  First place WINNERS will receive 300.00 for floats & $150.00 for vehicles.  (REAL MONEY)....So good luck & see you at the parade.  

You are going to get your float ready for the parade - right?  You have to do the same thing in preparing to purchase a property.  A lender is that all important factor.  They can tell you pretty easily after talking with you and running a few numbers the amount of home you can purchase based on your income & debts.  In our business we have to talk about money some times, and folks just don't like the questions.  But like in scouting, it is best to "be prepared" meaning you need to have a few things in order before you start the process.  It is best if you can decide how much of your monthly income you can put toward a purchase.  Your lender may say, "oh you can quality for 1200" but you might only want to spend 800.00.  So get the information they need to determine those factors....your job history, debts, things like that.  If you know you are going to be making a purchase, may be you can pay off a few debts and even save a little for your down payment...it will all help in the long run.  You have many options for lenders.  You have your local bank, other lenders & mortgage brokers, plus on line companies too.  Don't get overwhelmed. It is a process, and if you will try to do one thing at a time, it will all work out in the end.  I wish you all the best in getting prepared for your house hunting & with your float!  Good luck!  George F

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People Are Always Amazed Folks Are Moving To Town 0 Comments Posted

Good morning-people are always amazed folks are moving to town.  I'm like yeah-they are!!  Living here may seem "sleepy" at times, but we are a progressive, vibrant community.  With a LOT going on.  It seems like there are always places to go, and things to do.  As it with a lot of communites, it is like-everything is going on-or nothing;  4 events are planned for one weekend . But I will try to get some things entered here for you so you will have an idea of what & when things are going on. We just had the Satilla Hospice Gala last weekend.  It was a very nice affair-a wonderful service that provides assistance to our entire area.

As far as people moving to town, they are.  We have folks retiring here, and moving down from the snowy north or the interior of the country.  Plus we handle a lot of relocation too for the RailRoad, Hospital, School systems, and churches.  Hey, we have gotten so big now with Hobby Lobby, Olive Garden, Simmons Mattress, Lowes, the list goes on and on.  You know this community draws from a 5 county radius.  We only have about 17,500 in the city, but to hear the pundits talk about it, they say during the week, we might as well be a thriving community of 87,000 people with all the activity & commerce that goes on in and around us.  Heck, we have two wal-marts now (maybe that we like to eat).

It is a great area.  My father was from here. My grandfather was from here. So being third generation in a community does not hurt either.  All of our Realtors are from the area.  They have grown up here too and made the Waycross, Blackshear, Homerville area their home. Let us know how we can help you with your real estate needs.  We work with buyers & sellers on a list of properties including land, residential, & commercial ventures.  We do not handle any rentals, but we can put you in touch with the folks that do.  Thank you again for reaching out and welcome to our community.  We are glad to have you.  




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